"What is it about Mary Mackillop that inspires you?"
The appeal of our Saint – Mary Mackillop

Maree Whybourne, CEO of the Mary MacKillop Foundation talks about why we continue to be inspired by Mary MacKillop and how her cause is living on.

What is it about Mary Mackillop that inspires you? Truly, I would love to know. Is it her compassion for others? Her ability to harness the goodwill and resources of others in the service of those in need? Her belief that education was the key to a better future, and indeed a better world?

I believe compassion and a yearning for a better world lives in all of us. Most people, given the chance, will help another if they see a need. Look at how we respond to physical disasters – with genuine compassion and generosity.

Every day I hear from supporters, big and small, who believe in Mary MacKillop’s passion and cause. It drives them to support the Mary MacKillop Foundation and help us reach out to people who without our help would struggle to thrive.

Our governments cannot meet all our needs. They cannot do it alone. It is truly inspiring to hear from the hundreds of community groups who organise themselves to help some of the unmet needs in our communities.

We support a community group that helps to provide language classes to new arrivals in Australia, so that those who have travelled far and left behind all they know in this world can participate fully in their new lives here. Your donations help to provide materials and other essentials for those people – many of whom are profoundly traumatised.

Another group we fund allows people who may find themselves isolated, to come together to learn painting and make music together. They have brought so much joy to their small coastal community. New friendships are flourishing as along with hidden talents. We know there are both physical and mental health benefits to these initiatives. I love seeing the smiles and hearing the stories of new friendships forged and hope restored. For those who were previously isolated in this community it is a powerful gift to once again feel part of a group and be greeted by people who care.

The efforts of these inspiring members of our community are examples of love in action.

If you want to help spread love to someone who needs it, you can be sure a donation to the Mary MacKillop Foundation will make a big difference to people who might otherwise not know they are loved and valued. You can donate here: www.mackillopfoundation.org.au/donate