"It hurts me to think that in Australia today there are young people who miss out on a full education. I believe that education opens the door to opportunity, self-confidence and the capacity to contribute to society. I support the Mary MacKillop Foundation’s Tertiary Scholarships because they enable Indigenous students to enjoy the best possible education in the field of their choice."
Caroline Jones AO, Presenter

"The Mary MacKillop Foundation is the most wonderful initiative in Australia. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you continue to enrich my life and the lives of so many."
Marie Bashir AC CVO, Her Excellency Professor

"Without the Mary MacKillop Foundation, the collective experiences of these tenacious women and girls could not be expressed through Art Therapy and Emotion-Focused Therapy, and there would be little opportunity for the survivors to form vital peer-to-peer connections and choose their own pathway of recovery after exploitation."
Emily Hanscamp, Executive Director, Asha Global

"Mary MacKillop Foundation's kind donation has enabled us to start our own choir of Hard Knocks in Coolum. Our choir is called ‘I'm Still Standing’, we have 20 participants and we are looking forward to a long, fulfilling and healing time together. Thanks so much."
Barb Holden, Founder, Art with Heart

"The Foundation will assist in the Campsie region to teach the teacher, building a self-sustaining community that can continue this important work and create a better future for children through education."
Mary Ruth Mendel, Founder, Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation

"Through the Mary MacKillop Foundation the adventure camp offers kids with disabilities time away from home, exciting activities, opportunities to build their social network and develop independence. For siblings and parents of the children, the families get an enjoyable break knowing the children are having great fun."
Carolyn McKay, CEO, Northern Beaches Interchange

"I’ve been lucky enough to witness first hand the life changing work that the Foundation does, and it’s really quite inspiring work. Their small community based work is really making a difference."
Janice Peterson, SBS Presenter

"Today, we are fortunate to have the MacKillop Foundation continuing to support the course of many young Australians’ lives, allowing children to develop their talents and realise their potential."
Sandra Sully, Channel Ten Newsreader